Hotel Guide in China

Hotel Guide in China

When it comes to a hotel in China, you just have to be a bit careful.

Hotel Travel Guide China - International Brand Hotels, 4 and 5 Star

Mostly, these types of 4 and 5 star hotels will be ok, generally they will be run by a Western boss and have Western executives in all departments.

Training, etc. of staff is the consistency of service level from an international brand hotel, so most people will have enough English speakers around to make your stay welcome and hassle free.

The breakfast will cater to both Chinese and Western appetizers, with the hotel's occupancy rate around 50-50 Chinese to Westerners.

Hotel Travel Guide China - Chinese Hotels, 4 and 5 stars in major cities

In the store hall, most international brands and service levels are as well.

In the restaurants and stores, English should be at one level as you would get most things without too much trouble.

If the client is Western and Chinese, the breakfast will be all the usual food you will recognize.

Hotel Travel Guide China - Chinese Hotel, 4 and 5 stars, rural location

I am a lot of Chinese travel, for these hotels this is their main business, not Westerners, the Westerners are classified as an extra that has come over the past few years.

Some have not learned how to handle this extra business yet.

These more out of the way, Chinese 4 and 5 star hotels are a little different. Relatively the fixtures and fittings will be the same standard as any 4 or 5 star hotel, but in some cases the same caution and attention in the maintenance and service to the customer will be different from what you will be used to.

Not necessarily worst or bad, just different.

West and Chinese expectations in all areas of China's travel agency are different, which is why I set up Travel-the-Real-China.

The level of English in general will not be as good, so take only time, they will find someone, or you will work, just keep cool.

I have stayed at some good Chinese 4 and 5 star hotels, and have been very happy, so do not leave it.

Everything I have visited has been neatly tidy and for an overall statement: a nice stay had everyone.

Ontbijt zal een Chinese lunch zijn, en als het een gewone stop voor de westerse reizigers is, zal sommige Western eten worden geserveerd.

Hvis det er en utrolig sted, kan du ikke få den slags frokost du forventer, kineserne spiser forskjellige ting til frokost, så å få en enkel kopp kaffe eller toast, det er bare ikke kommer til å ske.

There will be hot water, if you need to take tea or coffee, bring yourself.

The breakfast will have plenty of food, just not what you expect.

Hotel Travel Guide China - Chinese Hotel, 3 Stars

These 3-star Chinese hotels usually get very high traffic and occupancy ... mostly Chinese, and now Westerners, especially with the big cities

For these hotels, maintenance is not high there lists, so you can find some things that do not work or fallen off the wall.

If it's dangerous, most will happen, otherwise nobody will care.

In the larger cities, most will be clean and tidy and offer some kind of western food for breakfast. Out in the distances ... not really.

The breakfast will have plenty of food, just not what you expect.

Bring some tea and coffee if you really need it, always hot water.

It may happen in English at the stores, just to check in and out of the affected areas.

Der er et stort antal af disse hoteller, og det kan være et godt sted at se landet i Tibet. The 3-star hotels are a little pricy but within China, most of them are good and will be clean with showers in all rooms.

You just have to be a var; Its good value, clean and a little small things might be a bit frustrating with it, but it's China.

Join the flow, its part of the adventure in China.

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